Top Pony


Stal Orchid's

By using topsport stallions and good mares quality colts ar bred. The best bloodlines of NRPS and new Fores ar often cross-bred to join the good qualities of both breeds.


  • Karwin
    Katrin Eckerman
    (Orchid's Karwin)
    European Championships Show Jumping 2006
    Team Silver, individual finals 11 th place.
  • Mirror 
    Dominique Roelofsen
    (Orchid's exul)
    E uropean Championships Show Jumping 2005
    Team gold, individual finals 4 th place.
  • Romantico 
    Patrick van de Schans
    Orchid's davinci
    European Championships Show Jumping 2003
    Team Silver, individual finals 4 th place.
  • Orchid's Dusty 
    Ruben Romp
    CSIP Internat showjumping.
  • Orchid's Cestani
    Renate Beuvink
    CSIP Internat showjumping.
  • Orchid's Korlando
    William Whitaker
  • CSIP Internat showjumping.
  • Orchid's Jumellea 
  • Syndi Rigaut
  • CSIP Internat showjumping

These are international top jumping ponies. At a national level there are both dressage ponies and jumping-ponies that achieve top accomplishments. 


In Europe there are various approved stallions: 

  • Orchid's Tygo - Nederland
  • Orchid's Pride - Denenmarken
  • Orchid's Deamij - Belgie
  • Orchid's Balou - Belgie
  • Kamaro van Orchid's - AES
  • Kylian van Orchid's - Noorwegen

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